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I have a 3 month old boston terrier, and have been trying to get him to walk on the leash. He absolutly refuses, dragging his feet, whining, screaming...I even try to get him to come when I have a treat for him, he just sits and stares at me. I could use some ideas on how to get him to!

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Mine does this too, but he is only 10 weeks. He is getting better with it, but it's a slow process. What I started to do is from day one, I got him a harness. He is in the harness all day long and I take it off at night. Step two is start to incorporate the leash part. Let him run around loose with it for a couple hours at home. After that, at least my pup is really good about having to go potty outside so every time i put the leash on him and just let him lead and get use to me holding it. This morning I finally got him to walk on the leash to the car. He usually wont walk more than 5 feet, but it's a start. Each time he starts to walk, just praise him and keep treats with you.

try a harness instead of a collar.

Don't worry! I got my Boston right when the winter was starting to get going and I didn't think he would ever like going out side. He would cry and resist and just not like it. Take him to a busy park where there are lots of dogs and other people to meet. Boston's are naturally social butterflies, he will soon figure out the fun stuff is outside. But yeah, get a harness too.

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