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I have a boston that is 11 months old. He is the 4th one that I've had. I love him lots, although he is very different from the others I have had. He is very timid and scared of all other people, except myself and my boyfriend. He shakes uncontrollable and if any comes near him he shows his teeth as if he might bite- he hasn' bitten anyone yet. I'm not sure what to do. I have been slowly trying to socialize him since I got him (at 7 weeks of age). Any suggestions????

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Two things to try: 1) Have your guests come in with small treats from time to time. This will show him that most intruders are okay to enter his territory. 2) Work on a word or saying to let your BT know when he needs to be concerned. We use the command "watch um" to put Petey on alert and “enough” to tell him to chill out…. Use a different word then “no.” No/ Stop should be used to let your dog know he is doing something wrong.(when he jumps up on people or show his teeth) “Enough” can be used to tell him it’s okay to do it again but it’s time to stop.(when barking at the pizza delivery guy) (licking your face) The words you use as commands are not important but you have to be consistent.

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