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I have a one year old BT and she has a habit of eating her own feces. Whether she goes inside or out, she will sample the stool. She is healthy, well fed, and gets plenty of activity in a fenced in yard. Any ideas on how to stop her bad habit?

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mine did this to so I asked my mom (rescues animals for a living) she said its called coprophagia. They make medicine for it.

My BTs are doing that same exact thing and it is soooo gross!!! I did get them some over the counter chewable pills that I give them and the box claims that within a month they should break the habbit. Its completely normal according to my vet and they said its usually just a phase. Good luck!

Yep this is totally normal and there is no need to medicate your dog for normal behavior. Just dont let her eat other animals feces.

Yeah...I've got a poo eater too! It's gross, but if you teach them a good "leave it" your life will be a lot easier. I don't think medicine is necessary lots of dogs eat poo everyday and they are just fine...just icky

I had a dog that use to do this and our vet told us to give him canned pineapple and it worked.

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