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I just got a 17 week old puppy last week. Her ears roll back, one more then the other, will they stand up by them selves or should I try tapeing them?

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you need to rub them up! get them between your thumb and index finger and Gently pull them up. Do this as often as possible, they should start standing up on there own. That was a concern we had with our first baby we talked to the breeder and that's what she told us to do.. we did and it worked good luck... Just a word: a dog is a dog but a Boston is Family. We have two, Baxter a rescued black/white and a red/white female Anney.

Don't do a thing. It is normal for one or both ears to roll back. Sometimes it takes up to six months for the muscles to fully develop and hold the ears erect.

I have owned three Bostons (all AKC registered) and all of them have had different "styles" of ears! Some flop halfway, some stay flopped and others stand straight up! I think it truly depends on each individual dog. All in all they are adorable! :-)

I wouldn't worry about your puppies ears. My BT's ears did the same and for the longest time one rolled back and the other one would stand straight up. I was also worried but it is normal. They will eventually stand if they are meant to. If not they are still very cute!!!

Hi I have a male boston who is almost a year old and one ear still folds backwards I think thats just how it gonna be. I have tried everything and it is still the same. Oh well I love him just the way he is...

Yes you can tape them or have them cropped in a show crop. I personally dont like to crop but taping works well if their ears havent stood by 4 1/2 months.

My boston's ears flopped forward, then back, and now stand up. I read that while they are teething they tend to flop backward. It is not cause for concern.

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