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My parents had a Boston Bull when I was young, but he was much larger than today's BT, about 40-45 lbs. He was the classic b/w and marked very well with a bully face. He hated cats and other dogs and had to always be restrained but he was a great family dog. Is the larger breed still available?

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They're still avaiible, check a local rescue!

This is exactly the type I am looking for, there are some recreations but this was more so an older sub breed. As unwavering as the demand was for smaller dogs the clubs even now have in my mind unethical practices. It is said that the breed was a little more alert, outgoing and more so alpha male. Coming from its history would make sense, and i would almost prefer it. I have a long relationship with the boston but that type had the same funny lively personality also without the aggression. I love the boston terrier breed today but think i would love to get one of that character and build.

They are hard to find, look at Friends of Homeless Animals rescue and they do have one. I believe he is about 40 pounds. I run a rescue as well and we do see them periodically. They look like "super sized" Bostons.

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