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ok so i am very interested in getting a boston terrior however i recently saw a dog that was very similar to a boston terrior only it was a solid golden colour... would anyone know what this dog is??? also i've heard of alot of bad medical conditions boston terriors develop should this be a major concern or are thier chances of having problems the same as any other breed??? please help :)

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I have had my Boston for almost 4 yrs now and have had no major problems with him. The only problem is that he gets his side nails torn easy. Greatest dog i've ever had and would recommend this breed to anyone.

My Boston is 7 yrs old and the healthiest dog I've ever owned! They are no more 'prone' to health issues than any other breed. They do come in colors other than the classic black and white (such as cream), but they are a 'throwback' to some of the reccessive genes used to develop the breed. You cannot register these colors, but some breeders still breed them and register them falsely. I have a red and white myself. It's also possible the dog you saw was a French Bulldog. They come in many more colors, and look rather similar to the BT especially when young.

I'm wondering if the dog you saw was a "Bug", a cross between a Boston and a Pug. I have noticed some of the puppies look like Bostons and some look like Pugs, and some look like Bostons but are a solid color. As to your question about Boston health issues, my Boston was very healthy and lived 13 years. In the end, she succumbed to Cushings Disease, but she was lively til almost the last month of her life. I would never want a different breed of dog. They are lively, fun, smart and loving! Before you buy a Boston, check the nasal passages to see that they are open. There should be less breathing issues.

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