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My 5 month old Male Great Dane Decatur weighs 50lbs and is very ribby, what I mean by this is that his ribs are visible, and im not sure if they should be as visible as they are. He gets 3 cups of Natures Recipe dog food twice a day along with the dog treats he gets daily,in addition to that he gets a chicken breats once a week as a treat. He is consistently growing and ganing weight im just not sure if its enough. I got him from a Breeder at 3months old and he weighed about 20lbs.He's been to the vet for shots and test three times since ive had him and has gotten a clean bill of health each time, hes on monthly heartworm and flea provention. So my question is should i worry about the visibility of his rib cage?

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I wouldn't worry too much. All of our puppies have been gangly. I used to try to supplement them with everything to get them to eat more but they are just growing so fast. Keep feeding and treating and they will fill out.

I just took my dane to the vet, he is 5 months old and weighs 76 pounds. You can make out his ribs but cannot actually count them. The vet says he looks wonderful and healthy. We had the same concern about a month ago so we started feeding him 3 times a day. We also started feeding him better food. We think ours is not tha big, but everyone who sees him says he is a horse. I wouldn't worry to much, as they all grow differenty. Maybe just increase meals or add an additional meal and see what happens. Good luck!

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