Photo I have not bought a Great Dane yet but want to. My question is how much dog food do Great Danes eat?

Mine eats about 2 35lbs bags a month. He only weighs 107lbs. A larger Dane may eat more.

Photo Mine is 3 months old and his weight is 15kg. Is his weight ok as per his age? Most of the times he i

Yes it is normal that he sleeps alot. But wait, I've heard of 3 mo. old danes weighing over 60 pounds!

Photo I have 2 small children and and we live in the country, I want a dog that is good with kids but will

Great Danes are extremely gentle despite their size, which can be intimidating. I’ve found that most Great Danes are very yard/house protective, but they won’t bite. If someone new or suspicious

Photo My parents are thinking about getting a dog. This is gate because I have been begging for years. But

Reseach and prove to them why this dog is better than the other dogs. Also find out the bad with the good. Great Danes eat alot and grow very big

Photo hi my black dane have now 7 month ans have 32 inches et 95 pounds.. i wanna know if i can see him co

Yes, Danes do not stop growing at age 7 months. Expect him to become alot bigger.

Photo I really would love to have a Great Dane, but my parents are a bit worried and my mom doesn't want o

You can't really blame her for that if she would have to care for the dog. The average male gets to be more than 150 pounds at 3 years and the females get between 120 and 140 so that is alot of dog fo

Photo i have a grate dane of 3 months old but he still do the bathroom in side the home.even i took him ou

after lunch or after playing 15 minutes later go outside and make a little ride with him u be sure to see puppy make something:)

Photo I have a male Golden Retriever (Packer) who is going to be 7 years old and a female Great Dane puppy

try to let your retriever eat first thats what I did with mine.

Photo My Great Dane is 11 months and has red boils near his mouth. Also, like human beings have dandruff o

sounds like a staph infection to me....if it were only on the face we call it puppy acne but with it being everywhere you should take your pup to the vet for a skin scrape

Photo I have a 11 month old Great Dane and I would like to know at what age will she stop growing and what

Great Danes can grow in height for up to 2 yrs, and then finish filling out for the next yr. You measure their height at the top of their shoulder blade, at the withers.

Photo I'm looking to get a Great Dane but due to the area that I live in, I can't afford anything other th

If you have a time to walk your Dane normally, you'll have perfect dog!

Photo My great dane is 9 months old and weighs 160 pounds. Is that normal. He does not look over weight. A

Yes it is normal he is just going to be a big dane!

Photo I have a two year old dane and he just does not seem to gain weight what can i do to help fill him o

You can try free feeding him and allowing him to eat as much as he wants. My dane didn't really fill out until he was 3 years old.

Photo Just womdering if Danes slobber a lot? I've always wanted one amd am still hoping that some day (soo

I can tell you from experience that great danes do sometimes slobber especially males. they are the epitimy of male versus female roles. Males are more clumsy at times and arent very gracious where as

Photo My family is awainting the birth of our first dane. Although we have done our homework we still cann

Hi! I have 2 great dane sisters that are a year old now. They are phenominal. I rescued them and had so many people tell me that they would not get alone, nor would they bond with me. They get alon

Photo I have a 5 month old dane and i switched to half raw diet and half kibbles a month ago and lately he

Switch to fully RAW! He will achieve his maximum height on raw, if you feed it correctly. His diet should consist of 60% raw meaty bones (such as chicken wings), 40% other meat (such as mince, tripe,

Photo My mother-in-law has a female dawn Dane and I don't think that they are feeding the dog as much and

Our 51/2 month old male dane is eating about 6 cups/day (2 cups 3X a day). The vet said about 6-8 cups is good. Follow the bag recommendations for age and mature weight (although all food is different

Photo i am expecting a baby in july and thinking of getting a 3 month old great dane in a couple of weeks,

We waited to get our Great Dane(Bubba)because we read that they were very jealous dogs. I think it is better to wait untill the baby is born, then get the Dane. When we got Bubba and brought him home

Photo We have just rescued a Great Dane from our local pound I used to breed Mini Dachshunds and Standard

Great Danes are big dogs, if you are feeding dry meal then it will drink, if you really think it is drinking excessivly then you should assure yourself that there is nothing wrong with him, for exampl

Photo We recently purchased a puppy brendal great dane and right from the get go there have been alot of p

Take your dog to the Vet

Photo About a year ago we acquired a rescued Dane who was 13 months old and severely neglected. In the ye

In answer to your question, any dog that is neglected during it's most important "growing" time ( up to 2 years for some dogs ) will undoubtly suffer problems whether they are growth problem

Photo I have a 7 month old Great Dane. I got her when she was 3 months old. She has never been abused.

I had the same problem with my great dane when he was younger (about 6 months old), i took him to a trainer for attack training, he gained confidence afterwards and is actually doing fine now. note

Photo We bred our Great Dane and now the female, a Harlequin, has 9 puppies. Ours is a mantle. They people

normally people dont breed merles - because a double merle can lead to blindness. Harlequins tend to throw out a variety of colors. So its possible that she was bred with either dog.

Photo My boyfriend and i just baught a 3 month old Grate Dane. we love her to death and she is the sweetes

All puppies are going to bite a lot when they are very young. It isn't just Great Danes. Normally they grow out of it after around 8-10 months, but they might bite longer than that.

Photo HELP- I have a 6 month old great dane who is stubborn- he has recently started running from us whe

If you do not have a fenced in yard you should consider fencing it in. Then when you take him out he cant run anywhere you dont want him too. My Dane would walk next to me as a young puppy but as he g

Photo Can a 14 month Great Dane still get her ears cropped?

No, they have to be cropped when they are very young so that as they grow, the cartilage in their ears will stiffen. Once they have floppy ears and are grown, their cartilage will not stiffen.

Photo We have a 6 month old harlequin male and thinking of either studding him or getting a female and bre

If you would like to get into breedig Danes first you should have them tested. You wouldn't want to pass on defective genes to puppies. Do lots of research. Danes do not stop growing until at least 2

Photo Would it be okay to have a smaller dog with a Great Dane? Or would the dog trample it?

Putting them together will be ok if you teached him but if you didn't properly train him, it could be a risk

Photo Do Great Danes do well with children?

I have 2 danes and a 2 year old son. The are his best friends other then his 7 year old sister.

Photo i recently bought a great dane 14 months old is it possiable that she has worms because she is so th

I would definately take her to the vet. My pup had been wormed as all pups are but ended up getting heartworms from sneaking into my sisters cats litter box, and her cat had worms... I noticed he was

Photo I have been doing my research on Great Danes and I am planning on getting one within the next couple

The general rule of thumb is one hour for every month the puppy is (3 months old, 3 hours in a crate) but it should never exceed 8 hours. If you have a doggy door, the dog can relieve himself so it's

Photo I have been battling puppy diarrhea for almost two months now with my 8 month old dane. He has been

Have you tried switching his food? My dog had diarreah and i found out it was because i was giving him the wrong food. Are you giving him people food? You should also never give your dog that, they wi

Photo It seems like a Great Dane will be the best fit for me as far as temperment/exercise needs/doing wel

As long as you have a place for the dog to roam outside and you exercise the dog regularly they will be fine. Yes they will knock the house over...they are not graceful. My boys tail will clear a tabl

Photo I have 2 Dane pups, 7 months old. I have been feeding Eagle Pack Holistic for large breed puppies. T

mabey it's just the food...they have been having recalls alot about dog food and stay away from food products with corn in it....we have been feeding our great dane a simple gravy train with water for

Photo My brother has 2 dogs. My great dane gets along with the male but not the female what can I do to c

well if your dog is a female...sometimes dogs have dominance problems over who is the boss and who isn't. it's just a heading problem.

Photo I have a great dane that we adopted from rescue. she and our old dog(a boxer) got along great but th

Most dogs will usually get fatty tumors as they get older. Our dane had many. They are usually harmless. most fatty tumors occur under the skin but above the muscle. be careful of the ones by the ches

Photo I have had my great dane for 6 months now and he has had diarea the entire time. He seems happy and

Pepto Bismol will firm his stool up. I had the exact same issue with my dane Thor. I gave him 2 chewable tabs a day. He wouldn't eat them without putting some peanut butter on them but once he did his

Photo can not get my eight month old dane to stop eating the couches have any suggestions

you can try putting cayene pepper in the holes. but the best thing to do is to scold your dog and offer them something apropriate to chew on like a toy

Photo I have an 9 month old femaie Great Dane puppy. She weights 109 lbs and is lean and beutifully muscul

sounds a little small for 9 mo. maybe a slow grower. i have 4 on a total raw diet and it has done wonders for them. you feed 2% of adult body weight per day for you probably 3lbs a day. this being 80%

Photo This is not a question but a suggestion. I have learned with our female great dane who often had di

try feeding her this dog food called puppy chow with gravy on it and if that doesn't work try asking a vet

Photo I am thinking of getting a great dane soon. I have done lots of reading up on them, but one thing I'

Hi. Great danes are not outside dogs at all. Everything I have read states to keep them inside. My danes only want to be outside if I am. They hate cold weather and really hot weather.

Photo We just bought a 3 month old Great Dane female. She is having a discharge of mucus from her vagina.

My male dane had the same thing. He had a staph infection and is currently on antibiotic. Staph is a normally occuring bacteria found on the skin. Not serious.

Photo I am in the process of purchasing a female Great Dane puppy. I was wondering how many pounds of food

I just purchased a male pup and the breeder and all the local Dane owners I know recomend either Eagle Pack large breed puppy or Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul. they need a food w less than 24%

Photo I rescued a blue male great dane and I'm having problems wiht him and need help. Everytime I try to

Probably not the right answer but a rap across the nose and stern no, worked for me for training, nothing to hard or hold their mouth shut and a stern no, just make sure they know who is boss, it does

Photo I have a 7 month old Fawn Great Dane puppy and I have recently started work, when I come home in the

Crate him during the time you are at work. It is very highly recommended and can save them from eating things that can hurt them, let alone destroy your house. It is not cruel, it is like a den that

Photo Considering getting a Great Dane. What does natural food or home made food consist of for a Great D
Photo What Kind of sleeping arrangement is best fo Great Danes?

Please do not sleep with your Dog - this is referred to as bestiality and although I am open minded individual you cannot be certain the dog is consensual, thus I would strongly recommend you do not p

Photo I have an 11 week old Blue Great Dane named, Maximus and is just over 25lbs. He has these scabby whi

It sounds like an allergy, quite possibly to the food you feed him. We feed our dogs 65:35 rice to high quality dog food, plus a coat supplement, like bran oil, from Tractors Supply. In the meantime

Photo I feed my Dane Taste of The wild. She likes it. I found this other food . Can anyone tell me if this

Hello I just stated my Dane on this, I do a cup and half morn and the same for supper. He is a 6 year old, I am wondering if I should go to Blue Buffalo, I hear only great things about these foods.

Photo I have a 12 week old European Dane.. he's about 47lbs right now. He's amazing, already about 95% ho
Photo Yes I aheva almost 6 month old blue dane and he is so skittish of strangers I try to get as many peo
Photo Has anyone ever seen a full blood 6 wk. old Great Dane puppy with hair that is about a 1/2 in. (mayb
Photo I have a 3 month old mantle, what kind of training treats are best for her? I'm concerned about upse
Photo My son has 2 great dane puppies (7months old)and three other older dogs. This week is the second tim

I have had this experience with another breed it is not good, Goats are too timid. They can.t stand the onslaught of a dog. I doubt the children are in danger but the goat is. The dogs are just playin

Photo We have an 11 month old great dane that loves people so much that when they come over to visit he wo

welcome to owning a greatdane they will at times put there heads on kitchen table take up a whole couch.They just love being around people awesome breed

Photo We just got a three year old great dane. She is a sweetie but our little dog tends to get yappy with

As for family and friends they well get to know her. She well growl at the other dog if she doesn't want to play or be bothered or when she is playing. it is hard to say for you have to get to know


I have a Dane who constantly licks his one foot. The vet said this is a nervous habit and a comfort thing. (She compared it to a human who practices cutting.) She said to stop him anytime I see the

Photo I have two danes and the the blue- Zues I have had since he was 8 wks old. The fawn- Walker i retrie

I have a Dane that I got when he was 10 mo old. He is also quite clingy, but I believe there was some abuse in his first home. He is very nervous around strange men. The longer I have him, the more c

Photo How do great danes do when they are mixed with another breed? We are looking at rescueing a lab/gre

Do NOT be rough on his/her hips!

Photo hi. i live in india and i am very fond of a great dane. i live in a 2 bedroom apartment which is spa

You really need a lot of room for a greatdane , they grow fast and need room to grow and play, and run...they love to run around.

Photo My 5 month old Male Great Dane Decatur weighs 50lbs and is very ribby, what I mean by this is that

I wouldn't worry too much. All of our puppies have been gangly. I used to try to supplement them with everything to get them to eat more but they are just growing so fast. Keep feeding and treating an

Photo We just received a 9 month old female Great Dane from a private party who wanted to get rid of her.

Great Danes are short-hair dogs who do NOT like the cold--they enjoy sleeping in front of a fireplace or a wood buring stove. They are not a huskie--on the plus side--they are alert! They are also pro

Photo i purchased this dog from a shop is it real great dane bread or not
Photo We have just adopted a wonderful Great Dane who is 3 yrs. old.. He has the best personality and has

Great Danes don't generally over eat. I would treat him like a puppy (since it sounds like he may be malnourished) and feed him 3x a day. At 3 years old, he should easily eat 9 cups of food a day.

Photo how do you know when it's time to put them down. mine is 11 yrs old. he has lumps all over, he ha

Having to have had my Great Dane put down myself this year, I understand your question only too well. It is difficult to lay down general rule on when the right time has come, but there is one thought

Photo At what age is best to spay a Great Dane Puppy?

We were told when we got our dane that we should wait at least a year, otherwise it can stunt their growth.

Photo my great dane is a female she will be 3 year's old in may of this husband and got her she wa
Photo My 9 year old Great Dane back , hind legs are dipping when he walks . I was thinking of a chriprocto
Photo My 9 year old Great Dane back , hind legs are dipping when he walks . I was thinking of a chriprocto

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