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hi. i live in india and i am very fond of a great dane. i live in a 2 bedroom apartment which is spacious enough. i have never had a dog and a great dane would be my first dog ever. i really want a great dane and no other dog. i have decided to keep help for the dog's maintainence. but i want to know your opinion if you think its ok for me to buy a great dane?? thank you for your help?

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You really need a lot of room for a greatdane , they grow fast and need room to grow and play, and run...they love to run around.

I am a truck driver. I had a great dane in my truck with me driving over the road for 7 years. He would lay on the bed in the other seat and look out the window. when I would stop we would play and run around. So they don't need a lot of room if you walk them and wear them out. But they do take some time to wear out.

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