Photo Are the Pyrenees hypo allergenic dogs?
Photo I have a beautiful 9 month old Great Pyrenees. The bottom part of his eye tends to be red/pink all

My Pyr is 10 monthes old, and I have noticed the same red eye problem. It seems to be more pronounced in one eye. It has been this way since he was 6wks old and the vet said he was fine. It must just

Photo is 25 pounds normal for a 25-wk Great pyrenees?

No this should be almost a full grown dog.

Photo This site says not to clip or shear, I need to know why please. I have a 130# house Pyr, Gracie,

I live in Florida and never clip mine. Their hair is an insulater. It keeps them cool as well as warm by clipping him, you will actually make him hotter. Have shade for him, or let him in the house wh

Photo Are the pyrenean mountain dogs(or a mix of a partly pyrenean mountain dog with other breeds) hypo-al


Photo Has anyone ever heard of short hair great pyrenees?

As far as i know there is not a short haired version.

Photo I am adopting a Pyr that is 4 years old. I have been walking him for about a month so he is familiar

Do LOTS of research. I adopted my rescue dog Pyrenees when she was 14 months old. So, she was still technically a puppy, but in an adult body. Everything I've read about "dogs" in general do

Photo do pyrenees like water, or swimming?

In the case of my GP, he does not like to swim. They are not a breed that naturally like the water, but they don't necessarily fear it either.

Photo Any advice on how to get my Pyr into the kiddie pool? She wont go near it! It's SO hot in the summer

At this point, you already know that a Pyr doesn't do anything it really doesn't want to do. If she doesn't want to go in the pool, there's really no point in forcing her. If you did get her in, chanc

Photo What are the best companion breeds for a female great pyrenees? We lost her brother a month ago and

We have a rough collie and a great pyrenees mix and they love each other. the collie is a couple of months older and we got her first. They are best friends.

Photo I have read that it is ok to cut your Pyrenees during the summer. On your site you say not to cut t
Photo I have a breeding pair that are still young and I am interesting in knowing when the best time to br
Photo Is it possible for a Great Pyrenees to have a pink'ish, almost rose colored nose and pads ? My littl


Photo I adopted a 2 year old male GP this week. He walks well on a leash with a flat collar and prong col

Having been a Pyr parent for a while now let me help you a little bit. They are beyond stubborn, often to the point of insubordination almost! The treat trick may work for you after a while, but I fou

Photo Should you shave a great pyrenees in a hot summer climate? Will it hurt there coat?

I live in Tennessee and our summers get pretty dang hot. The first year I had my Pyr, I didn't shave her and she panted to the point of concern. Her sides would heave and a few times I got so worried

Photo I understand that a Great Pyrenees is a great guardian dog. I have seen Shepherds, Rotts, and Dober

They are awesome guardian dogs! We use to have German Shepherds growing up on our ranch, and I regret that I didn't know anything about the Great Pyrenees until my 40's. Will probably never own anyth

Photo I have heard/ read that a Great is a dry mouth, but was reading some info on this site which says th
Photo My dog was sprayed with a fire extinguisher around his left eye and behind his left ear. Is this h


Photo We are in the process of adopting a rescued Great Pyrenees. In his bio, it states a 2 year old very


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