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(Grønlandshunden) (Greenland Husky)The Greenland Dog, otherwise known as the Greenland Husky, is similar to the Canadian Eskimo sled dog, only taller and with a lighter build. They have a double coat. The outer coat is a stand-off one, the inner coat is dense and wooly, which enables them to stand very cold temperatures. The ears are small and triangular, framing a wedge-shaped face. The legs are feathered, the toes thickly covered with hair, the pads large. The tail is long and bushy, held high, and curls over the dog's hindquarters.                            

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The Greenland Dog does not have the temperament to be a house pet. They are a working breed, and will become bored if they are not given work to do. They are independent, stubborn, and play rather roughly. They will be extremely unhappy if they are expected to simply lie around the house.  However, when not raised in a pack environment, they can bond with and be affectionate toward their owner - as long as that individual establishes that he (or she) is boss.

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22‑25 inches 
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66‑70 pounds
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General Health

No chronic health problems are known. Properly cared for, the breed lives for up to 13 years.

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The Greenland Dog is a breed with a long history - their ancestry can be traced back over 12,000 years, from Greenland's original inhabitants, the Inuit. However, the breed is now a rare one.

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The Greenland Dog must be brushed on a regular basis.

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Ideal Environment

The Greenland Dog is not suited for life in an apartment, or in a small house. They need at the very least a large house and a large yard. However, they need a lot of room to run, and should have a job to do. This breed will not mind living outdoors all year round, and will not be affected by cold weather. Hot weather is not to their taste.

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is a greenland dog also known as canadian eskimo or are they two diffrent breeds ?

They are two different breeds that have similar appearances and can some times be confused.

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