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(Hairless Khala Medio) (Pila) (Hairless Khala Grande)The Hairless Khala looks similar to a Chinese Crested; however, there are many differences.  The Hairless Khala comes in two sizes Medio and Grande which look exactly the same besides the length of their legs.  A small odd shaped head leads to their long narrow muzzle.  Usually their head is the only area with any fur; the fur is mostly on top of their head and sometimes on the side.  Large ears, compared to their head, can be folded over into a “v” shape or cropped to stand erect.  A short neck leads to their deep chest and powerful bodies.  Their legs can be short (Medio) or very long and skinny (Grande) this is what accounts for their size difference.

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The Hairless Khala is a loving family dog which does well with children in the family as well.  However, this breed does get along with strangers, but they will not fight because they have no fur and few teeth which makes them not capable of fighting.  This breed loves to have a hairless dog companion and will do fine with all family animals.  Not much care, such as training, is needed for this breed.

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14-20 inches
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15-30 pounds
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General Health

The Hairless Khala is a very healthy breed except for their teeth which need lots of care to prevent them from falling out.  Their life expectancy is around 10-14 years.

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The Hairless Khala comes from Latin America.  In fact, the breed is found in different varities throughout most of Central and South America.  They have only recently been recognized as a separate dog breed and given the name Khala which means “without clothing” in the language of the Quechua Indians.  The dog is rarely found outside of these areas.

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Little grooming is needed for this breed except an occasional bath.  However, they need protection from extreme temperatures, such as sunscreen in the summer or dog sweaters in the winter, or anything that will keep them cool and not sun burned.  This breed is not very energetic and will be happy with small play sessions or short walks.

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Ideal Environment

The Hairless Khala is friendly with the family but reserved with strangers.  This breed does great with other hairless dog breeds and with familiar children.  Apartment living is perfect for this dog, because of their low energy no yard is needed.  Elderly people should consider owning this breed as a companion.  Maintenance is needed to keep this breed warm, such as dog jackets and sweaters, and they need sunscreen on hot summer days.  Moderate climates will keep this breed the happiest.

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Does anyone know if these dogs are "free bleeders"? I had to take mine in for surgery and she wouldn't stop bleeding. The vet doesnt know anything about this breed, and is SCARED to mess with her. Also said she may be a carrier of Von willibrands disease. Anyone heard of this in the breed?

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