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I'm trying to decide between a havanese/toy poodle mix and a cavalier mini poodle mix, with regard to the housebreaking and vocal tendencies of the havanese and the major health issues of the cavalier in general is my dilemma. ???

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We have two Havs and are both very quiet. In regards to housebreaking, Havs are a little difficult sometimes, but I'm sure with a poodle mix, it shouldn't be too difficult. I personally would go with the Hav/poodle mix, two very inteligent little dogs and sturdy around children

i have a cavalier king charles spaniel and its a great dog!!!!! i also have a black lab and hes amazing too!!!! im now hopeing to get a havanese!!! (and i used to have a wonderful black newfoundland who sadly had to be put to sleep :(

I have a Havanese, and he is the sweetest, most loving, cheerful, funny (and beautiful) dog in the world. He loves playing with other dogs, long walks, and follows me everywhere I go. I adore him.

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