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The Hellenikos Ichnilatis (Greek Hound) is a unique looking breed.  To start off, this breed has a round head that leads into their rectangular muzzle.  Round eyes and alert “v”shaped ears sit on their head.  A thick neck leads into broad shoulders and a deep chest.  Their powerful bodies lead to long muscular legs and odd shaped feet.  Short sleek fur covers their muscular body.  Only one color combination is accepted for this breed and that is black with tan markings. The tan color can vary from a light sandy color to a rich chestnut color and any shade in between.

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The Greek Hound is a sweet family dog as well as a fearless hunter.  Family and strangers will receive love and affection from this breed.  However, while hunting they become intense and very determined; they don't even need a handler.  Being with other dogs is natural for them, because they usually hunt in groups.  However, small animals should not be kept around this breed because of their strong prey drive.  Free willed and stubborn, this breed does need discipline but does not do well with training.  This is not the kind of breed you teach silly tricks.  Instead, you should provide only necessary training to keep them well behaved.  If they become bored, they will be destructive and hard to handle. 

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18-22 inches
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38-44 pounds
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General Health

The Greek Hound is a very healthy breed with no common genetic disorders.  This breed has an average life expectancy of 11 years. 

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The Hellenikos Ichnilatis is a Greek dog that has been roaming the islands for thousands of years.  Known for its hunting abilities, the Greek Hound quickly gained recognition among visitors and was taken all around the world by sailors visiting the ports.  In fact, many other dogs share their genes with this very old breed.  In 1996, Hellenikos Ichnilatis became the first dog breed from Greece recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, an international dog breed organization.

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Not much grooming is needed for the Greek Hound.  A weekly brushing and an occasional bath will keep their coat soft and sleek.  After exercise, their feet and mouth should be checked for cuts.  Exercise is extremely important and should be done often.  Long runs and a large open yard will help keep them happy and calm.

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Ideal Environment

The Greek Hound is definitely not for all families. They need experienced owners who can deal with their stubborn nature.  Good with other dogs and people, this breed likes attention and being with the family.  Lot of exercise is needed for this breed, or they will be destructive and extremely hard to handle.  Apartment or city life should be avoided with this dog, because they enjoy wide open spaces and do best living on a large farm.  Families should be firm and consistent to teach this breed proper manners.  Understanding this breed is most important to having a happy an healthy life with your Greek Hound.

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