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(Greek Sheepdog) (Greek Shepherd)The Hellenikos Poimenikos (Greek Sheepdog) is a large fluffy breed with a calm expression.  Large broad heads start this breed and lead to their strong muzzle.  Set in slightly are two round eyes that have folds of skin under them.  Large “v” shaped ears sit naturally on the side of their head.  A thick neck with folds of loose skin leads to their powerful body.  Long muscular legs end with surprisingly small feet.  Medium to long fluffy fur covers their  body and is especially abundant on their head and tail.  Many colors appear in this breed from white to dark brown, as well as white with tan or black spots and commonly a mixture of gray and brown.  The Greek Sheepdogs overall appearance is similar to a Saint Bernard or Great Pyrenees.

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The Greek Sheepdog is a strong willed dog that can be extremely hard to handle.  Friendly only to the flock and its master, this breed does not like strangers or other dogs.  Dominance will get in the way of this breed living peacefully with other dogs.  Strong leaders can usually make this breed listen somewhat, but these dogs are still free willed and stubborn.  Training is hard and should not be done just to learn cute tricks. 

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25-29 inches
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84-110 pounds
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General Health

The Greek Sheepdog is a very healthy breed with no common genetic disorders.  The low risk for disease is rare and unusual for any dog, especially such a large breed.  The life expectancy for this breed is an average of 12 years.

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The Hellenikos Poimenikos have been helping tend the sheep in parts of Greece for hundreds of years.  Many centuries ago, the breed originated after Turkish travelers journeyed through Greece with their dogs, possibly the Turkish Akbash Dog, and those dogs began breeding with some of the dogs already in the country.  Eventually, this unique sheepherding breed was the result.

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The grooming for this breed is very minimal.  No real grooming instructions are known for this breed because they commonly stay outside at all times and would rarely be groomed.  Exercise is essential, however, because this breed always seems to have more energy.  The best exercise for this breed is acres of land that they can run and play on.  They also enjoy playing fun games to stay active physically and mentally.

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Ideal Environment

The Greek Sheepdog is not a great family dog, and they need a strong owner.  This breed should live on a large farm with acres.  No grooming is needed, and this breed is pretty healthy.  Without a strong leader, they will be dominant and can be untrustworthy, especially around strangers.  People looking for a friendly family dog should probably look into a different breed.

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Can someone please explain how this breed is different from the King Pyrros breed?

hello the king pyrros breed is known here in greece as molossos of epirus and it belongs in the molossus breed and its the main predasester of italian molossus dogs such as cane corso ,when the greek shepard dog is ,as his name indicates ,a shepard dog . hope i helped u even a little !

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