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The Hovawart is a large dog which looks similar to a Golden Retriever.  A broad square head starts off this breed and leads to their rectangular muzzle.  Small oval eyes are barely seen especially because of their dark brown color.  Long ears hang down on the side of their head ending at the jaw line.  A furry neck with a dewlap leads to wide and powerful shoulders.  Semi-long legs end with their oval shaped paws.  A long, fluffy tail hangs down and almost reaches the ground.  Medium to long fur covers their long elegant body.  Two coat colors are common: one is the golden color similar to a Golden Retriever or black and tan.

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There are three accepted coat colour variations; Black, Black and Gold, and Blonde.

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The Hovawart loves its family and wants to please them more than anything.  Strangers will be accepted if the owner accepts the visitor.  However, unwelcome visitors will be barked at and possibly attacked.  This breed does well with children, especially children in the family.  Dominance makes them difficult to socialize with dogs because they may become aggressive.  However, small animals will find a kind companion with the Hovawart.  Training them is time consuming and often difficult.  Stubborn and free willed, this breed can be hard to handle especially the non-neutered males.

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23-28 inches
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55-90 pounds
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General Health

The Hovawart is mostly very healthy because of great breeding programs.  However, hip dysplasia and underactive thyroid can still occur.  This breed has a fairly long life expectancy of 10-14 years. 

An underactive thyroid is common in lines bred in Europe.

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The Hovawart is a result of German breeding that began about a century ago.  They wanted to re-create a type of guard dog from the Middle Ages so they began breeding different dogs found in the area, including the German Shepherd, Nerfoundland, and the Kuvasz.  The breed became recognized officially by the German Kennel Club in 1937 and remains popular in Germany although only a few dogs from this breed exist in the United States.

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Grooming is easy for the Hovawart with very little special treatment being necessary.  Just brush them once a week to prevent tangles, particularly on their back legs and around their neck.  Exercise will keep this breed happy and healthy but not that much exercise is needed.  Taking them for long walks and letting them run and play outside will be perfect exercise.

This breed enjoys mental stimulation. The Hovawart needs a job to do in order to express their creative nature. This breed has been bred to possess its own initiative.

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Ideal Environment

The Hovawart can be a great family dog if you have time and can be consistent.  Family members will get love and affection from this dog.  However, this breed does not like strangers and does horrible with other dogs.  Small animals, on the other hand, will get along well with this breed.  Apartment living is not suitable for this active breed, because they enjoy playing in a large yard.  This breed is tough to train and should have an experienced owner.  Exercise is needed for this breed or they will be destructive.  Hovawarts can live in any climate but they prefer cool weather.

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Can hovawart live in mediterranean climate ?

Hovawarts can very well live in a mediterranean climate but the dog needs to have a cool place to lay down. I have a hovawart myself and i live in barcelona and he does absolutely fine

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