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I think my dog looks exactly like a wolf hound but she is one year and only weighs 44 pounds. Is there another breed that looks like her? She has the broad chest, long neck. And her head looks just like. If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to hear from you. I can send a picture, of course. Let me know. Thank you!

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I once owned a Mixed breed dog from Vancouver B.C., Canada and it too looked very similar to an Irish Wolfhound. She weighed in at about 70 lbs. I currently own an Irish Wolfhound which is a small one at 105 lbs. I've been investigating breeds to try to find a smaller breed with a similar look and personality and I've discovered the Berger Picard which averages 50-70 lbs. Though extremely rare it's not impossible for your dog to be somehow related. On the other hand I've always wondered what my mixed breed Canadian dog was.

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