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(Japanese Chin) (Chin)  The Japanese Spaniel, also called the Japanese Chin or simply Chin, is a small, elegant breed of spaniel (the smaller the better), with drooping, v-shaped ears framing a round forehead and short, wide face.  The Chin, looking rather like a cat (the word Chin means cat in Japanese)  has dark and almond-shaped eyes, which protrude slightly, and are quite expressive, above a wide, pug nose, and a somewhat undershot chin. For show dogs, Chins with coats of white and black must have black noses - those with colors other than black must have noses that match that color. (White is the main color of the Chin, interspersed with black or various s hades of brown.) The Chin has a soft, silky coat, almost feathery, with a distinctive "mane" visible around the chest. It is fine-boned, with a finicky, high step like a cat, and a tail that swoops up over its back. The Chin is a compact breed - as tall as it is long.

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The Japanese Spaniel has a lively and cheerful temperament and is very friendly, gentle  and affectionate. The Chin, a small breed, becomes reserved around strangers, but will become greatly attached to its master, and loves to be the center of attention - although small children can be too rough - so beware. The Chin does not normally bark, but can make a good watchdog. Extremely intelligent and obedient, the Chin can be taught to perform tricks.

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7-11 inches
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4-15 pounds
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General Health

The Japanese Spaniel, because of its protruding eyes, is prone to eye problems, and because of its pug nose, has a tendency to wheeze and snore, not to mention having respiratory difficulties. Care must be taken to make sure they don't get heat prostration, and symptoms of distemper must carefully be watched for.

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The origin of the Chin is somewhat of a mystery. It is believed to be native to Korea, then imported to Japan, where it achieved great popularity. The Japanese deliberately bred the spaniel to be tiny, and were sometimes kept in bird cages. When Japan was opened to the rest of the world in 1854 by Commodore Perry (after a 200-year isolationist policy), he gave a pair to the English Queen Victoria as a gift, which introduced the Japanese Spaniel to the rest of the world. In 1977, the AKC voted that the Japanese Spaniel should be called the Japanese Chin instead, but the names are used interchangeably.

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Because the Japanese Spaniel is prone to eye trouble, the  eyes should be cleaned every day. The breed is  an "average shedder" - comb for a few minutes every day to prevent the hair from accumulating on the furniture. Give baths only when necessary - dry rather than wet shampoo should be used.  

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Ideal Environment

 The Japanese Spaniel is the perfect breed for those who live in apartments - they don't need a lot of room. However, they do need an even temperature - not too hot or too cold.

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I have a Japanese Spaniel and I was just wondering if I got another dog would he be jealous?

No of course not! Japinese Chins are absalutley GREAT with other pets GOOD LUCK =)


what do you do to clean a japanese chins eyes what do you use to to clean there eyes


I live in Alabama, would a chin be okay heat wise in my climate?

I live in Atlanta Ga and I have owned my Japenese Chin Gizm for 4 years now.. The southern heat climate has not been a problem, however he does become hot when in warm climates, I really avoid leaving him in the car alone during warm months. and I keep his gate area cooled at 78% degrees room temperature.


Hello! I have been researching a recommended surgery for my (10-month-old) Japanese Chin puppy and have been able to find no answers. I am going to have Alfie neutered this Thursday (April 16), and my vet has strongly recommended that I also have them do a nasal fold. They tell me that Alfie has tiny nasal passages/blows bubbles/has trouble breathing. I have a Japanese Chin book and have done research online that states that these symptoms are normal/typical for the breed. I am very distressed and confused as what to do. Would you recommend the nasal surgery?

My vet suggested the surgery for my chin as well and she is doing better with her breathing and doesn't blow bubbles anymore. I was glad I had it done she seems more comfortable and doesn't snore anymore.

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