Photo I have a Japanese Spaniel and I was just wondering if I got another dog would he be jealous?

No of course not! Japinese Chins are absalutley GREAT with other pets GOOD LUCK =)

Photo what do you do to clean a japanese chins eyes what do you use to to clean there eyes
Photo I live in Alabama, would a chin be okay heat wise in my climate?

I live in Atlanta Ga and I have owned my Japenese Chin Gizm for 4 years now.. The southern heat climate has not been a problem, however he does become hot when in warm climates, I really avoid leaving

Photo Hello! I have been researching a recommended surgery for my (10-month-old) Japanese Chin puppy and h

My vet suggested the surgery for my chin as well and she is doing better with her breathing and doesn't blow bubbles anymore. I was glad I had it done she seems more comfortable and doesn't snore anym

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