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I have an 8 month old Kee who barks constantly. She likes to go out at night but if I or my husband are not with her she barks excessively and will not stop until one of us joins her or we have to bring her in. This also happens in the morning. Can you give any adviceor help? Thanks Barbara

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I would start with teaching your dog to bark on command and then enough or quiet. To teach him/her to bark on command reward him and repeat the word bark till he gets it and barks when you give the command. Using a consistent hand gesture will help emphasize. To teach him to be quiet, first get him to bark with the command you just taught him then tell him enough or quiet and squirt him with water or jerk his chain not to hurt him but to get his attention. They have a collar that makes a loud sound when dogs bark to startle them out of what they are doing too. As far as at night he might be barking because he can see people walking by(in this case block the view). He may be bored in which case leaving the tv on or radio could help. Or he could be lonely in which case a second pet could help. Last of all he may be anxious from not getting enough exercise so a good walk before bed could do the trick. Good Luck!

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