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The Kemmer Feist is a small perky looking dog which is often compared to the Rat Terrier.  A small round head starts off this dog and leads to their narrow muzzle.  Small round eyes sit slightly off to the side of their head.  Naturally their ears hang down in a “v” shape, however, they are often cropped into an odd shape.  A short skinny neck leads to their small body.  Short legs end with tiny rabbit-like paws.  Short sleek fur covers their body.  There are two common color combinations: one is black, tan, and white which is also called tri-colored or tan and white with the tan varying from light colors to rich colors.

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The Kemmer Feist has a sweet and playful nature.  Family and strangers get love and affection from this small sweet dog.  Other dogs and small animals can also become fun companions for the Kemmer Feist.  Intelligent and playful, they can be trained easily, plus they do great in agility and obedience trials. 

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15 inches
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14-20 pounds
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General Health

The Kemmer Feist does not have any common health concerns.  However, they have a short life expectancy for a small dog of only 10-12 years.

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The Kemmer Feist is a hunting breed developed by cross-breeding Fox Terriers and several other types of hunting dogs, particularly dogs with good noses.  They were created through the efforts of Robert Kemmer.  Unfortunately, very few of these dogs are left and many have actually ended up being crossed with other dogs.

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Grooming the Kemmer Feist is easy.  Brushing once a week will keep their coat soft and clean.  Baths are not needed and neither are trims.  Exercise is fun for this breed as well as for their owner.  Short walks and play time will keep them happy. 

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Ideal Environment

The Kemmer Feist would do great with many different environments.  Sweet and friendly with all people as well as animals, this breed is a great family dog.  Fun and playful, they also like games and do great in training.  Agility is fun and stimulating for this breed.  This breed should have lots of things to do, so they are not bored.  Apartment life is great for this dog because little exercise is needed.  However, they can also live on a large farm or country home.

This breed needs plenty of exercise in order to expend all of it's energy. If they are not properly exercised, they may become unresponsive to training and become irritable.

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