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(Hungarian Sheepdog) (Hungarian Komondor) The Komondor is a large, muscular dog, but extremely agile for its size. It has one of the most unusual coats of all dogs - over the course of two years the undercoat and overcoat fuse together to form cords. After about three years these cords have grown from 8 to 11 inches long, draping the body and making it look rather like a sheep (which the Komondor were bred to guard). The coat is always white. The head of the Komondor is large, the muzzle short, its eyes dark brown. The U-shaped ears hang down, disappear into the rest of its coat.   

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The Komondor is not recommended for most families, unless they have been socialized since puppy hood to the same family and thoroughly trained. This is a serious and commanding breed, and can be aggressive against dogs as well as people. Therefore they need obedience training from an early age. They are smart, and therefore easily bored They also have a long memory, and if they are allowed to get away with bad behavior once, they will continue to exhibit that behavior. They are loyal to their master, and fiercely protective against anyone whom they consider a threat to their charges.

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27-28 inches
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88-133 pounds
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General Health

If well cared for, a Komondor will live about 12 years. Like most large doors, they are subject to hip dysplasia, but this does not affect very many of them. Bloat can be a problem. As far as eye diseases, entropion (the curling inwards of either the upper or lower eyelid) is a genetic disease, but can be surgically repaired. Juvenile cataracts can also be a problem. If the coat is not properly cared for, they are prone to skin problems. With such a long coat, checking for external parasites while grooming is a much.

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The origin of the Komondor is uncertain. The theory is that they are descendants of the Russian Owtcharka, brought into what is now Hungary by invading Magyars several centuries ago, where it flourished as a sheep herding dog. The Komondor was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1937, however World War II almost wiped out the breed. After the war, breeding was very slowly re-established over a period of fifteen years. It was not until 1962 that exportation of Komondors to America and other countries resumed. However, it is not a dog that is bred in large quantities.

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It is important to clean the ears of the Komondor on a regular basis, as well as the pads of its feet. Only the puppies shed, before their cords (or "dreadlocks") form. Although combing out the dreadlocks is not necessary, you must keep them separated, otherwise they will become matted. You should "work" on these cords every week. Have a groomer show you how to do it. 

Komodors should not be brushed as puppies. Brushing while they are young will ruin its hair follicle and its hair will not cord as they age.

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Ideal Environment

Because the Komondor is a rather lazy dog, and will sleep a great deal, it will do okay in an apartment, as long as it gets enough exercise. However, like all large dogs in will do best in a country environment, or at least in a home with a large yard. They do well in most climates.

Boredom will be a serious problem in a cramped environment. This is a working breed and if they are not given a job, they may develop behavior problems that could be avoided. They do not do well in kennels and may become anxious if not properly exercised.

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