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The Kunming is a large dog that looks a lot like a German Shepherd.  A round head starts off this breed and leads to their long narrow muzzle.  Large round eyes are set into their head.  Large triangular ears sit high on their round head.  A thick neck with loose skin leads to their muscular body.  Powerful legs end with small cat like feet.  Ending their body is a bushy tail that curls up slightly.  Different from a German Shepherd, this breed has short to medium length fur.  Only one color combination is allowed which is a black saddle with light to dark tan covering the rest of the body.

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The Kunming Dog is probably a powerful and focused breed.  Since this breed is used in the military, it is trained to be tough and is rarely used as a pet.  This is a friendly breed even though it is associated with the police and military.  Not much is known about this new and still rare dog.

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25-27 inches
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66-85 pounds
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General Health

The Kunming Dog is most likely fairly healthy because they were selectively bred, and unhealthy dogs would not be used in the military.

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The Kunming Dog is a relatively new breed that was created as a type of military dog in Yunnan, a province of China.  In the 1950's, the province did not have enough military dogs so they gathered a number of other dogs including wolf-dogs, shepherd dogs, and others which were used as the basis for this breed.  This breed was first recognized in 1988 and are today widely used in China in the military and by the police.

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Little grooming is probably needed because their coat is short.  Exercise would definitely be important, since they are used as strong working dogs.  This breed is most likely not a lazy breed and should be allowed to run and play.

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Ideal Environment

If you would find this rare breed, you would be lucky because they would have a sweet and gentle nature.  However, they would need lots of exercise and training to make them a companion.  Also they would be excellent for guarding your home.  An apartment or small home would probably be unsuitable for them.

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