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The Labrador Husky is often thought of as a mixed breed dog but that is not the case. This breed is pure bred.  This breed resembles Siberian Huskies as well as many other Nordic breeds.  Their round head is covered in plenty of fluffy fur and leads to their long narrow muzzles.  Their body is aerodynamic, so they can be extremely quick sled dogs.  Fluffy fur covers their large bodies and is double coated to protect them from freezing cold weather.  Coat colors vary from white, black, red and white, or black and white.

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The Labrador Husky has a similar temperament to other Northern breeds which means that they can often be unfriendly or even aggressive with strangers.  However, they can be good if socialized, and they often do well with children.  Being with other dogs always makes them happy, because they are bred to work well in a pack and actually many people believe they should be bought in pairs.  Small animals do not usually do well with Nordic dogs but if they are raised together it should be fine.  Training is easy and fun for them because they naturally learns things well.  However, sometimes stubbornness will prevent them from learning silly tricks or other useless commands.  Intelligence can be their gift but can be your nightmare if they are bored.

The Labrador is originated in the Canadian area known as the Labrador.

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20-28 inches
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60-100 pounds
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General Health

The Labrador Husky is fairly unknown so not much information is available about genetic disorders or their life expectancy.  However, special care has been taken in their breeding which could suggest that few health problems exist.

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The Labrador Husky originated in the Canadian area known as Labrador.  The breed probably arrived in the area with the Inuit people who came to Canada around 1300 AD.  Although they were once very closely related to other Northern breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, they became isolated in Canada and continued to develop on their own.  These dogs were even allowed to breed with the wolves in the area.

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The Labrador Husky probably needs plenty of brushing as any double coated breed would.  Plus, they shed once a year and during that time they should be brushed every day to make sure the loose hair gets cleaned from their coat.  Exercise is, of course, essential to this sled dog.  A large yard to run in and long walks will help keep them calm.  However, they should also have some sort of work to do such as agility or fly ball which will keep them calm and happy.

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Ideal Environment

The Labrador Husky is a rare breed but if you do find one you will want to socialize them extremely well especially with people.  To keep them in a pack environment, it is best that their home have other Northern breeds that have similar requirements.  Grooming is something to consider when getting this breed because of their thick double coat.  Exercise is another thing to think about especially if you are not an active family.  Cold climates are best for this breed, as well as large yards. 

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husky/lab mix-6 wks is it ok for my 3 new pups to stay outdoors fulltime here in Forest Grove, OR. area 25-40*f

There's absolutely no problem.It's a double- thick coated dog originated for snowy areas!


I will be receiving her in about 2 wks when she is old enough to leave her mother. I see they can benefit when given a job to do. What would you suggest for her as she grows throgh the years? Thanks, Nicole

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