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The Lagotto is a small-to-medium sized dog, well-muscled and squarely built (as long as it is tall.) It is well-proportioned, but looks as if the head is too big for the body, although this is because the hair on the head and face is left longer than that on the rest of the body. The eyes are round and large, and depending on the color of the coat will vary from dark yellow to dark brown. The teeth should close in a scissors bite. The coat consists of woolly, very dense and curly hair, and can vary in color from off-white to solid white, different shades of brown, and white with brown or rust patches. A brown mask is acceptable for show dogs. The pendant ears are triangular with rounded tips. For show dogs, the front legs must appear straight from all angles. The tail hangs low, and is not docked.

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The Lagotto is an intelligent breed, easy to train, with a cheerful disposition,  and is loyal and attached to its owner. If properly socialized it is not dog-aggressive or a danger to other household pets. Once used as a hunter, that instinct has been bred out, nevertheless it loves to search for things, for example truffles (an edible fungi.) The Lagotta needs to be exercised, but it also needs to have its mind exercised - by playing hide-and-seek, for example. They take to obedience training very easily. The Lagotto has tremendous concentration, and a very well-developed sense of smell.

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14-19 inches
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25-35 pounds 
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General Health

Properly cared for, the Lagrotto lives about 16 years. Hereditable diseases are Cerebral Anomaly (problems with the brain)  and Hip Dysplasia.

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The Lagotto is an ancient breed, which originated in Italy in the 16th century in order to retrieve water fowl in the regions of the lowlands of Comacchio and the marshlands of Ravenna. These marshlands were drained in order to create arable farmland, and then the Lagotto was bred and trained to hunt for truffles.

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The Lagotta sheds little or no hair, so is an excellent dog for allergy sufferers. The coat will become matted if it is not brushed regularly. Some experts say it should be clipped short twice a year, but advise against showing it in the ring, as it is a working dog.

The Lagotto Romagnolo has hair not fur. So this breed does not shed.

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Ideal Environment

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an excellent apartment dog - as long as it can be taken for walks at least 3-4 times a day. They will prefer a yard, of course, but be aware that the Lagotto is a digger, so if you have a garden of any kind, they need to be protected.

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