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(Ormskirk Heeler)  The Lancashire Heeler is only about a foot high, and set low to the ground - the legs are short in relationship to the rest of the body. The legs are sturdy, however, with the paws turned slightly outwards. The head is always in proportion with the body. The eyes are set wide apart. The ears are prick - if they do droop that dog should not be bred. The tail is set high, and is curled forward over the back. The coat, black and tan (and sometimes liver and tan) varies according to season - in the winter a mane grows and the coat is plush, in the summer it becomes sleek and shiny.   

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The ears should complete erect or slightly tipped. A complete drop ears is highly undesirable. The legs are to be straight or turned out slightly. There are two separate colors, liver and tan, and black and tan. The coat should not change color according to season. The tail is to be set high and carried over the back, it must not form a complete ring.

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The Lancashire Heeler is an intelligent and alert breed, and does well with well-behaved, older children. However, it has a strong herd instinct and may nip at the heels of people and other pets, so obedience training to correct this trait is necessary. Obedience training is difficult, but not impossible. It will chase down vermin such as rats  for you.

Heelers compete in agility, obedience and working trials and often do very well.

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10-12 inches
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6-13 pounds
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General Health

The Heeler has no known hereditary diseases. Since it is so long, it may have back problems, but is generally muscular enough to not have these problems. Well cared for, it can live up to 13 years.

There is a small incidence of hereditary eye disease such as Collie Eye Anomaly and Primary Lens Luxation. As with other small breeds, there may be an occasional case of Patella Luxation (slipping kneecap).

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The original Lancashire Heeler was used to herd cattle in Lancashire, England, but began to go out of fashion when herd dogs were no longer necessary for the task. They were "re-created" in the 1960s, by cross-breeding the Welsh Corgi with the Manchester Terrier.

Little is known about the origins of the heeler, it is thought to be a cross of Welsh Corgi and a Manchester Terrier; however, there is little fact to back up this assumption. It may also be that Blue Heelers played a part in the creation of the Manchester Terrier and the English Toy Terrier. May people from Flanders settled in Lancashire, so it may also be true this breed carries continental pinscher type blood.

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The Lancashire Heeler should be combed and brushed on a regular basis, using a firm bristle brush. Give it a bath only if necessary.

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Ideal Environment

Although the Lancashire Heeler is an energetic dog, it will do well in apartments as it will run around indoors. However, it will need to be exercised frequently to keep it happy. Cold climates do not bother it - as long as it has proper shelter.

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