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(Grosser Münsterländer Vorstehhund) (Large Munsterlander)The Large Münsterländer is a large breed, with a distinctive mottled black and white coat. Brown Münsterländers exist, but are not common, and all black Münsterländer are never bred. The head is broad and slightly rounded, the broad, round-tipped ears hang close to the head, the teeth close in a scissors bite. The heavily-lidded eyes are dark, the muzzle long. The coat is fine, the hair long and dense, with feathering on the ears, front and hind legs, and tail. The hair on the backside of the upper feet are trimmed, so that the the 90 degree angle can be seen. The Münsterländer has strong feet with lots of hair between the black‑nailed toes. The tail is carried horizontally. It is usually left as is, although sometimes a short bit of the tip is removed.  This is a working dog breed, not a show breed.

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The Large Münsterländer is an intelligent, cheerful and obedient dog; loyal, friendly and full of courage. They respond well to obedience training, and are responsive to their humans. Indeed, they are human-dependent and will not let their owner out of their sight for a second. Indeed, they become destructive and bark in annoyance when left alone in the house.  The Large Münsterländer likes to retrieve, and like to carry things about in their mouths. They do well with older children, but may be too boisterous for smaller children. They are happiest when used as working dogs. As working dogs they are slow to mature, however, so must not be over trained. Small rodents and birds may be chased, but generally cars, joggers and bikers are not disturbed.

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23-25 inches 
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50-70 pounds
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General Health

Although not common, some lines of this breed are prone to hip dysplasia.

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The Large Münsterländer evolved in Münster, Germany the 1800s. This breed is distinguished from the Small Münsterländer by its size, and coloring. The Large Münsterländer club was formed in 1919 and hails this breed as an all‑purpose hunter, capable of pointing, retrieving, and general utility work. It is gradually becoming popular outside Germany. In England it competes with other Continental gun dogs in the HPR (Hunt Point Retriever) Field Trials.

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The female Large Münsterländer has a shorter coat than the male, and as such will only need to be brushed every three or four days. The male has a longer coat and should be brushed every second door. They shed heavily during the spring, but regular grooming can keep the shedding down.

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Ideal Environment

The Large Münsterländer is not recommended for older or inactive people, and certainly not for life in an apartment. They will do best in a home with a large yard, in which they will always want to play. They need a lot of exercise, at least three 20‑30 minute sessions a day.

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