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The rare Larson Lakeview Bulldogge looks like many Bulldogs, however, they are larger.  A large round head starts this breed and leads to their extremely short but broad muzzle.  The muzzle has the cute scrunched up look distinctive to Bulldogs.  Medium sized ears hang close to their head in a pendant shape.  A short thick neck leads to their large and powerful body.  Short chubby legs end with small feet.  Short sleek fur covers their large body.  Only one coat color appears which is white and brindle.

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The Larson Lakeview Bulldogge is a sweet breed.  They are friendly with the family, including children.  Playful with submissive dogs, this breed is powerful and very dominant.  Socialization and training should be started at a young age.  Their owner needs to be experienced and be an assertive leader. 

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16-22 inches
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50-110 pounds
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General Health

The Larson Lakeview Bulldogge is very healthy which is rare for any Bulldog type dog.  Plus they have a long life expectancy of 12-14 years which is unusual for such a large dog.

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This breed was created by Kevin Larson, a kennel owner.  He combined a number of other breeds, including the Mastiff and Bull Terrier, to create them.  His efforts took over seven years, and the results are just now starting to pay off with this breed.

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Almost no grooming is needed for the Larson Lakeview Bulldogge.  No brushing or combing is required on their short fur.  An occasional bath should be given to them but other than that they are care free.  Exercise is important.  However, they do not need long walks, just an open area to run and lots of time to play games.

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Ideal Environment

Great for many families, this breed loves people and does well with other animals.  Lots of time should be given to this breed, especially when young for socialization and training.  Training is not difficult for them but their owner should be the leader and be experienced with stubborn dogs.  Dealing with the breed's dominance can be the hardest part of having this type of bulldog.  Running outside is all the exercise they need, but they do need a large yard so apartment life is not a good idea. 

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