Photo I am researching what kind of dog I want and I have narrowed it down to two: a newfie or a leonberge

I've found the 2 breeds to have very similar personalities, in that the variation within the breeds is more than the variation between the breeds. If I *had* to make a distinction (so the answer isn'

Photo I would like to know the average weight for a 5 month old Leo puppy. My puppy was sick with parvo a

My leonberger was around 30kg at 5 months. I wouldn't worry too much about what the scales say, it's better to go by how he looks and behaves. If you can feel his ribs with gentle pressure he's abou

Photo My extra-large one-year-old Leo male recently developed a large pocket of fluid on his elbow from la

We had our drained by his vet. Vets don't seem to like to do this because they feel it is not necessary since it does not effect the health of the dog. To be honest I just didn't like it being there

Photo A easy question: Leonbergers are good guarding dogs? Would they protect the master and family is

Leonbergers are much more protective of the females and children in a family than the male in charge. The male in charge is considered by a Leonberger to be the Alpha of his pack thus should not need

Photo I am looking to get a Leonberger within the next 6 to 8 months. I will be moving back to Missouri.

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