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Anxiety when i leave the home and gets over excited when i come home. Is there anythign i can do to settle him down wheni come in. he is 4 yrs old.

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I don't have a Lhasa Apso but I have found with my dogs that if I give them a special treat when I leave the house they don't get upset and actually look forward to the treat. Try not to give that treat at other times.When I come home I don't make a big deal of it. I actually ignore them and find something to do until they settle down. Then I pet and greet them. They seem to mirror my energy level...so stay calm when you walk in the door. No high pitched or excited greetings. Give them a couple of minutes then greet them. Hope this helps you too.

I have a norwich terrier and she acts the same way I usually let her out to go potty and give her a treat and just stay mellow once she realizes that she is not getting attention by acting crazy she usually settles. As soon as I notice that she is calm I greet her. She is starting to realize that I will not greet her until she calms down.

If you can, try to spend more time with the dog and if he is still over excited, i don't think its a bad problem. Maybe try to calm him somehow?

I have a Lhasa Apso that displays the same behaviours and I have found that she thinks that she is the alpha dog or in other words the leader of our household. I literally have to train her that this is not so. In her eyes i am part of the pack and not allowed to leave. Once she is trained correctly this should stop. Being an owner of this dog breed, we must make sure that the animal knows you are the leader of the pack and she is a follower and must obey. These dogs are very bright and you have to be able to out think them .

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