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do they shed?

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I had a Brit...he did shed a bit. I would tend to agree with what the lab owner said. Sadly, I just lost my Berkley a few weeks ago. He started having seizures one Friday night. He had so many that night it was 7:30 the next am before I could get him to the vet. He was prescribed seizure meds and the vet expected him to be fine. Unfortunately, he never recovered and died a few days later. He was my little love and the best dog I EVER had!! He was only 5 years old:( There has not been a day without tears since he left us. No matter what breed specific "issues" Brits have they are wonderful companions. He was never aggressive to people and loved children. They make wonderful pets:)

My wife reminds me every day that our Brittany sheds! I did all the proper research when determining the right breed to share our home with our 2 kids, my wife and I and the websites and other sources will quote them as being light shedders but not ours!

All 3 of mine shed. It's the price you pay for having the best dogs on earth as a family member... Lint rollers are wonderful tools. I cover my furninture and tape off my clothes, vacum daily and it's just life. I guess most days they're worth the extra work!!! Just don't wear too much black clothing and you'll be fine.

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