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Hi.I have a problem with my yorkie.whenever i pick her up to put her in her play pen she pees all over the ground and me!should i put her in doggy dipers?would the be uncomfortable?(she dosnt pee when i put her out.she just poos)

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It sounds like when you are going to pick up your Yorkie, she is submitting and nervous. Reason why she is peeing on you and everywhere. You need to show her that when she is going to be picked up it is a positive thing and not something she needs to be nervous of. A good thing to do would be to build up her confidence. And, reward her when being picked up or in situations that stress her when she reacts positively. If you are going to pick her up and she starts to squat down, head down, often tail between legs, means there is a good chance she is going to pee. She is submitting but at the same time afraid. You need to show her that everything is ok. Talk to her before picking her up. Have a tiny treat in your hand to entice her to come to you. She may just be a shier and bit nervous dog. You need to try and find the reason for her actions to help rectify it. Good Luck!

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