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I adopted a treeing coonhound - this is my first male dog - and he's a chewing maniac. He's about 7 months old. Is this a boy dog thing or a treeing coonhound thing, or will he grow out of it? We live in a condo and he has chewed up many, many, many things. Help!

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I have a 13 year old treeing walker coonhound and it does get better. They have a lot of energy, but are the BEST dogs with family. So loving and giving of their love. Mine has turned in to a huge couch potato. Just give it time and think about crate training, it really does work. Also, lost of outside run and walking time.

Yes, he will. We had the same problem and he stopped after 1 year. Now we have other problems, such as running away problem. We hoping to go over this one as well by two.....

We have a female Walker that is just under a year old. She does like to chew, but no more than the basset Hound we had before her. 95% of the problems she gives us are because of lack of stimulation. When I can ride the bicycle with her for 6 to 10 miles she is happy to lay around with the family, (even the cat). The key to having a happy Walker and a happy family is to give them a way to use up some of the energy the have. One good run will keep her calm for 2.5 to 3 days...... after that she is "Hell Hound" bound. lol

I can't say for certain how Walkers are - I am getting my first one next week, but I have a twelve year-old lab, and he was the same way. He chewed EVERYTHING! The best decision we ever made was to buy rawhide chew bones for him. We would run him outside, and then when we came in give him a chew bone. He would be perfectly content to hang out on the floor and chomp away. Maybe this will help with yours?

All puppies chew stuff up. Especially, a 7 mo. old. We adopted a Walker from a rescue shelter and he is wonderful. He chewed up things at first, but he stopped when he turned a year. Give him toys that are safe to chew and will keep him busy. I know some people don't like rawhide, but my coonhound loves his rawhide bones. Keep plenty of them around and you'll save your stuff from being chewed up. Chewing is a puppy thing, not a strictly coonhound thing. Hang in there. They make GREAT pets!

walkers need to exercise more than most dogs..the chewing is a hound dog thing try giving him a hard chew toy and lots of exercise i have one 8 months old and other than the ocassanal sock she does fine

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