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I have a soon to be 5 year old brindle english mastiff female. She is wonderful of course but i am having a terrible time with her shedding. My previous mastiff shed a small amount but she is constantly shedding. Any suggestions? Possibly change her food? I feed her Pedigree which she has been on since she was a pup. I use a moisturizing dog shampoo for her coat and skin but nothing seems to help. I would appreciate any and all ideas/suggestions. thanks, Krissy

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You proably need to either change her diet to one that has the omega3 supplements in it or get the supplement from you Vet to add to her current diet you may also want to try shed stop it also works pretty good the only thing else I can think of is by it being winter and the type of heat you are using is drying out her skin and making her coat shed more

I would suggest changeing her food. Pedigree doesn't have enough fat for a mastiff. I like Eagle Pack original formula for a mastiff of her age. Also if you're feeding a good food you should not have to add any supplements other than joint supplements.

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