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I have a yorkie that is 11 years old, and we just had our first grandbaby, and when ever a baby is around Skippy(our pup) goes crazy, he wants to lick him all the time, and makes me nervous, he wants to be where ever the baby is, as close as he can get.. How can I stop him, and is this a usual reaction to babies for Yorkies??

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If your Yorkie is responding positively to the baby that is a good thing. He is actually feeling the positive energy you are giving off concerning the baby and what he wants to do is give it back. Doggy way. It is not unusaual. He is actually accepting the baby as part of the PACK. His family. You have to be careful how you decide to act where Skippy is concerned with the baby. If you completely remove Skippy from the baby, he will eventually resent it. What you need to do is make boudaries. At 11 years old I am taking for granted he knows basic commands - yes, no, sit, etc. So, when around the baby, apply them. Do not let him lick the baby in the face, tell him NO. But, when he is being good around the baby, praise him. Even at 11 years old, Yorkshire terriers are amazing and intelligent. If you train him the way you wish him to react, you will be amazed how quick he will react and respond. He just wants to be a part of everything that concerns the baby. He just needs to know how. And, positive fact is that he is not jealous of the baby

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