Photo Anxiety when i leave the home and gets over excited when i come home. Is there anythign i can do to

I don't have a Lhasa Apso but I have found with my dogs that if I give them a special treat when I leave the house they don't get upset and actually look forward to the treat. Try not to give that tr

Photo do most lhasa apso's have web feet?

I have a Lhasa-apso,and i'm pretty sure the answer is no.

Photo my little guy is a real fussy eater. He's 2 years old, 3 in january. He's been like this the whole t

try wetting his dry food, so that he thinks that it is wet. Maybe it is the texture that he likes/ dislikes.

Photo hi i have just purchased a lhasa apso she is brindle and loving but just one query she has no tail i

I think it might be a mixed breed, there are dogs born without tails, abnormaly, but there are also breeds of dogs who don't have tails. I don't think it will be a big problem.

Photo We have our first Lhasa Apso puppies. We are absolutely in love with this dog and this breed. My que

As long as you will be able to take care of his eye problems, it would be fine. It's best if you cut the hair near the eyes, but you can leave the hair on the head and beard and everywhere you want it

Photo Do they shed?

Not that much if you groom them regularly.

Photo I own a female Lhasa Apso how often do the menstrate? How long is their mating cycle?
Photo I own a lhasa apso of 5 years is not eating properly. What type of food would you suggest to

Try switching him to a different diet. Some dogs can be pretty picky about their food. Some brands which I've heard to appeal to dogs (and are healthy for them too) are Innova EVO or Blue Buffalo. If

Photo I own a female Lhasa Apso. She is my best friend. Her hair is curly and short. I have let it grow

Are you sure your lhasa apso is pure bred? It's strange that you say she has curly hair that does not grow long because a pretty dominant trait of lhasas are a long, thick straight coat. Perhaps your

Photo how often should you feed a puppy and which brand?

It's best to feed your lhasa apso puppy at least 2 to 3 times a day, because it's needs the most maximum energy for it to be strong, healthy, and it helps the skin to grow shiny. I don't know the bran

Photo what is a safe age to breed my lhasa apso

I think the best time would be at least 2 years of age. If any younger that would be too early and may cause the pups to be unhealthy or it might affect your dog.

Photo how to treat the scavies of my lhasa apso? the easiest and the fastest way. my lhasa apso is new. it

Can you give a breif description of the scavies?

Photo My lhasa apso's lower lip does not cover the teeth should i be worried?

No, my lhasa apso, he has teeth sticking out too, but you can never see them unless he lays down on his back. Your dog probably just has an upper cut, like others have lower cuts, when their bottom te

Photo My Lhasa Apso isn't as hairy as the other Lhasa Apso I've seen. She is only 2-3 months old. Will her

Yes, the ideal of a Lhasa is to have a long hair, but it takes time and not all Lhasas have the same long hair. Which means that you shouldn't worry about it.

Photo Are Lhasa Apso's good swimmer? Do they like the water? My Lhasa doesn't have long hair, will that ma
Photo Whats the difference between Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso?

A Shih Tzo is a cross between a Lhasa and a Pekingese.. The Pekingese is a chinese dog crossed with a Tibetin dog..

Photo Is it safe to give your dog peanut butter? What is the purpose for doing it? How much of it can you

yes its fine to give them peanut butter. i have two dogs and we give them peanut butter. but i wouldnt give them to much. we bought a little toy called a Kong and you stuff peanut butter in there when

Photo What happens if you don't cure an ear infection?

my apso had an ear infection to.and it was bad,but we really dedicated our time to clean it everyday and it was ok now.but we saw a patient like him with the same ear infection and the dog didn't make

Photo My Lhasa has had an ear yeast infection for months now, his ears have the yellowish/brown debri in t

Oral antibiotics from your vet are very helpful to clear it up but I am not sure it will work by itself without cleaning the ears too. I have a Llaso with ear problems and we keep his ears very clean

Photo I am thinking about getting an 11 year old lhasa apso that has been abandoned. I have 4 cats rangei

I have a lhasa apso who is quite playful with my 2 cats at home. But he gets jumpy at times and shows a little aggression if he gets irritated with them. You can read more at 1800PetMeds Blog

Photo We have a five year old male Lhasa. Whenever someone sings he that normal? We've never no

I previously had a Cocker Spaniel who would sing (howl) when I played a musical instrument. It's absolutely normal and kind of cool! I also read it somewhere about how Lhasa Apsos like music and sing

Photo Are pure bred Lhasa Apso puppies ever born with no tail?
Photo how to groom an lhasa apso? in face
Photo what would cause a Lhasa tail to straighten out...yesterday it curled up on her back and this mornin
Photo My white lhasa apso dog has developed reddish-coloring oon his paws, face, one of his ears, and arou

ive heard that its something to do with the saliva...thats why they make the whitening shampoo

Photo My 31/2 year old Lhasa, Gracie will eat her feces and then throw up. What can be done to stop this

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