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do most lhasa apso's have web feet?

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I have a Lhasa-apso,and i'm pretty sure the answer is no.

I have eight lhasas and none of them have webbed feet. Is yours a pure bred?

My Lhasa Apso is a purebred, he has webbed feet.

I don't think that most Lhasas have webbed feet, but I know that mine is a purebred and he has webbed feet. But don't worry that is a good thing, your dog will be able to swim fast. Maybe even faster than a duck. Labradors are one breed of dog that have webbed feet, and they swim extremely fast.

Yes my Lhasa Apso has webbed feet, but only on his front paws, I know he's purebred but i don't know why it is only on his front paws.

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