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how do i tell the difference in a walker and a beagle. i have a little pup and i cant tell if it is a beagle or a walker. any advice?

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I think its hard to. My husband and I got a puppy about a year ago from a shelter who we thought was a beagle and 65 pounds later we believe she is a walker. So for us only time could tell! She is bigger than we had planned but she is great!

you will be able to tell if her legs become very long, but as a puppy they look very similar. if you are luckey she is a walker, because these are the best dogs.

Up until a month ago my walker was always called a beagle by people, but then he hit a growth spurt and he is 7 monthes old and 60 lbs and has extremely long legs.

Walker has very long legs and big paws. 8 week old coonhound will be probably the same size as a beagle

the size of the paws

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