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my little guy is a real fussy eater. He's 2 years old, 3 in january. He's been like this the whole time. I need him on dry food. he'll go a couple days or even a week with very little food. tidbits really. I've tried alot of food over the past 2years. he fluxuates in weight due to his poor eating habbits. the only food that i've been able to give him is that wet ceaser crap. I try to mix it with dry food, but he spits the dry out. i've tried some good brands like evo 93 different flavors, nutro, nutrience etc..... This can't be healthy, but aside from your normal fatigness, he's quite active. Any advice, are these breeds perhaps picky and very small eaters?

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try wetting his dry food, so that he thinks that it is wet. Maybe it is the texture that he likes/ dislikes.

I'm with you, my dog is exactly like yours and the same age, he is extremely picky and i give them these kinds of brands; look on the back of the bag where it says ingredients, the first one should be meat. They love that. I don't know the brand name but they have it at petco for sure. It's not that expensive. The cesar things, I use them to mix with hes food, he also doesn't finish it all up. But if he doesn't i leave it until he gets hungry. Never by any chance give your dog human food while training him. He won't eat his dog food! That's my experience. He just has to live with what you give him. If he doesn't eat it, I'm not sure what you have to do then.

i have 2 lhaso apso that were fussy eaters i used a salmon oil that can be bought in a good pet shop you just add a tablespoon to their meal. ive had no problem since

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