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will walker hounds destroy your home or can you train them not to chew on furniture?

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We adopted what was believed to be a beagle-coonhound mix, but is actually a treeing walker coonhound--to my amazement--and so far she has chewed up a $400 coffee table, SEVERAL cat toys, rawhides and even big rib bones. We've found that if you keep them stimulated with the right chew toys (for strong chewers) they will leave your things alone. Unfortunately, we have to keep her kenneled when we're not there because we have 3 cats!

It doesn't have anything to do with the breed you morons. A puppy is a puppy. Not every walker acts the same. As a matter of fact their personalities vary more from dog to dog than just about any other breed. I have one that lives in the house and he chewed on stuff until he was out of his puppy stage at about a year and half. This website clearly knows nothing about walkers either by the way.

Most dogs will look for things to chew until they're about 2. One of my Walkers was a chewer but with a firm "no" he learned quickly not to. This breed is very easily trainable and eager to please so give it a try!

My walker puppie is fixen to be 3 months old and unless she gets bored she is pretty good. Now they are gluttens and will attack anything that smells like good or taste good. she is m 2nd walker and when they are teething just have a rawhide bone or something other than your table dresser or bed for them to chew on and you will be okay.

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