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The Lithuanian Hound is not well known outside of Lithuania. It is a sturdy breed, less-heavily boned than other hounds, with a sleekly muscular body. The coat is a short, glossy black with limited tan markings. The long tail is held low. The head is medium sized and broad between the ears, which are of moderate length and hang close to the cheeks. The muzzle is medium-sized, the nose color varies according to the color of the coat. The teeth close in a scissors or level bite. The neck is strong and long, with no dewlap, the chest is long and broad, the legs are perpendicular to the ground.

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The Lithuanian Hound is a sporting dog, but will bond with its family. There's little information on how it reacts with children, however.

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21-24 inches
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60-75 pounds
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General Health

No known hereditary illnesses are known.

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Hunters in Lithuania crossed their local big game hounds with Beagles, Bloodhounds, Polish Hounds and Russian Hounds to hunt big game, including boar. During the 1970s the Hound was close to extinction, and indeed during the 1976-1977 seasons many dogs were killed by their quarry, the boar, and the breed was almost extinct. The Lithuanian Cytological Council stepped in and created a kennel devoted to raising the species. A standard for show dogs was written at this time, however the breed is little known outside Lithuania.

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Brushing daily is all that is needed.

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Ideal Environment

As a hunting dog, the Lithuanian will do best in a large yard where it can get a lot of exercise, and will need to be taken for frequent walks.

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