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Llewellin Setters are believed to be a pure descendent of the English Setter dog. The first Llewellin Settelrs were primarily Blue Beltons, which was a common color among English Setters at one time. These pups are frequently born pure white and only develop their ticking at a later time. The ticking frequently covers the dog's body. The fact that the dog has such silky white hair makes the black ticking appear to be almost blue, hence the Blue Belton coloring name. While this is a common color for the Llewellin Setter, the breed also appears in a variety of other colors and patterns. Chestnut is another common color for the breed as well. There are also tri-color Llewellin Setters as well as quad-colored dogs. Due to the fact that the breed does not develop ticking until later, it is usually impossible to determine exactly how much ticking a dog will have until it has reached at least three months of age. Due to the fact that this is a hunting dog, Llewellin Setters tend to have a tail carriage in which the tail is carried high over the dog's back. While there are some dogs that have a low tail carriage, the high tail carriage is frequently preferred among most owners. Llewellin Setters have a medium coat that is quite silky. This breed of dog tends to have feathering on the backs of the legs, chest and ears. There is frequently feathering on the tail as well. In most cases, the coat is flat, although there are some dogs that are known to have wavy coasts. Their coats tend to serve as a good insulator against cold weather. They also do quite well in the heat as well.

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Llewellin Setters possess a great deal of stamina, strength and grace. They have a natural desire to please their owners both at home as well as while working in the field. This is a working class of dog, but is also one that makes a great companion dog. Their gentle, affectionate and enthusiastic nature makes them an ideal dog for families. They have a tendency to bond with their owners quickly and will frequently seek out their owners for affection and attention. Due to their gentle and affectionate nature, it is imperative that they be trained gently and not be exposed to harsh treatment. This is a dog that does require companionship with humans on a regular basis. They tend to get along with children as well as with other pets in the family.

Small dogs are often seen as welcomed play mates and some may shy away from the more aggressive play of large breed dogs. They are a curious breed and love chasing bugs and even occasionally tasting one. These dogs love water and enjoy retrieving. Being strong swimmers; water play is a favorite.

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22-24 inches
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35-60 pounds
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General Health

Llewellin Setters are known for enjoying good healthy, but owners will need to take care to frequently check the ears on this dog as they have a tendency to pick up items while running through brush that could lead to ear infections.

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Llewellin Setters are directly descended from Setters. It is believed that this breed of dog dates back to the 16th century. Over the years, the Llewellin Setter breed of dog has proven to be quite superior to many other Setter breeds. This breed of dog has dominated dog competitions for many years. They have also been frequently bred to serve as hunting and game bird dogs. They do well in a variety of different terrains and have a terrific sense of smell, so they are often used in many different hunting formats.

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The medium to long and silky coat on this breed would seem to indicate that this dog requires a lot of maintenance, but this is not always the case. Llewellin Setters do tend to shed, but when they are given plenty of time to run outdoors, especially through brush, they will usually easily shed out on their own. Combing a couple of times per week will keep the coat in good condition. Shampooing and bathing may be necessary when the coat becomes dirty. Owners should take care to check the ears of this breed on a regular basis. It may also be necessary to pick burrs out of the silky coat of this breed from time to time as well, particularly when the dog has been playing or working outside. When cared for properly and given regular check-ups, this breed should have an average life span of ten to twelve years.

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Ideal Environment

Due to the fact that this dog was bred for hunting, it does require ample space for running and playing. This is not a dog that will do well as an apartment dweller. It must be given plenty of opportunities to work off excess energy. That said, this is not a dog that will do well living outdoors without human interaction either. The best situation for this dog is one in which it can live indoors and play and work outside.

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