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(The Little Lion Dog) (Petit chien lion)The Löwchen, or Little Lion, resembles a Bichon Frise, with a short, round head, round eyes, and a black nose. The ears are feathered, and pendant. The body is short but well-proportioned, the tail is medium length and carried high. The hair is long, straight and wavy. The most popular colors are white, black and lemon, although specked dogs are also accepted in the show ring. For show dogs, the hindquarters are shaved to emphasize the lion-like nature of the front quarters and head.

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The Löwchen is, like most small dogs, cheerful and active and affection. They are gentle with their family and are good with children. However, they are dog-aggressive, and expect to be king of the hill.  They are barkers, and make good watchdogs. They can become destructive if they are bored or not exercised sufficiently.

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10-13 inches
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9-18 pounds
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General Health

When properly cared for, a Löwchen can live up to 14 years. Like most small dogs, they are prone to patellar luxation (kneecap slipping out of place, causing bow legs).

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The history of the Löwchen is shrouded in mystery. It is believed to have been in existence since the 1500s, as they are depicted in many works of art - although are these truly Löwchen or just small dogs with a Lion cut? The first recorded breeder and fancier of the Löwchen was a  Dr. Walthier in Germany in the 1800s.  The privations in Europe caused by the two World Wars caused the breed to die off, and in 1960 they were given the title of "rarest breed' by the Guinness Book of World Records. However, the breed has been revived since then due to the activities of some fanciers. The first Löwchen was imported to Great Britain in 1968, the United States in 1971, and to both Australia and Canada in 1976. The Löwchen was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1999.

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The Lowchen should be combed and brushed regularly to prevent matting. For show dogs, the hindquarters, part of the tail, and legs are shaved down to the skin, but there's no need to do this to your pet. Their confident behavior alone should be enough to distinguish them as "little lions." The breed is not a shedder, even with all its hair intact,  and is therefore good for allergy sufferers.

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Ideal Environment

The Lowchen makes a suitable pet for an apartment, as it will run around indoors to its heart content. They will enjoy being taken for walks, however.

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