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Hi my 18 month Maltese Shitzu has developed bad dermatitis with very inflammed ears, bottom and now feet. Responds well to cortisone (managing on half a tab each day). Even six antihistamines a day did not help. Seems probably allergic to grass and pollen not food or shampoo.does anyone have other suggestions?

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hi! i am a vet from hudersfield and the dogs i have delt with in this situatiion they was alergic to flowers and trees, if you have any flowers or trees in your garden that will be the problem. if your situation gets any worser go to the nearest vet to you they will deal with the problem! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

When it clears up, clip and/or pluck the hairs short from the ears butt and feet.

Athletes foot cream may help his ears because the inflamation can cause the ears to remain moist all the time and fungus could develop

Hi, I am a "real" veterinarian who knows that "worser" isn't a word. If you haven't already seen your veterinarian, do so right away. If you have seen your vet, ask for a referral to a veterinary dermatologist. Dr. A. Langer


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