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Hi my puppy is 10 weeks old. I received her when she was 8 weeks. She was very playful and it seems 2 days now she is sleeping more and looks very sleepy all the time. Her eyes cose even in the day time. I am very worried. When she wakes she is always putting her head up. I don't know what to do.

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I adopted my morkie when he was 8 wks. old only...he does sleep a lot. The puppies are like infant that sleeps a lot and I think that's normal. My morkie is now 4 months and he's energetic but get tired after wards, that's because he's small dog ....they get tired very easily but after he's all restful and got something to eat he's back in being playful again.

If your puppy is also having different eating habits that could be a sign of parvo and should be taken to the vet.

she could have parvo parvo is deadly for puppies get her tooken to the vet aimidetly one of my 12 dogs had parvo and it could get infected to other dogs so we kept her in 1 of our bathrooms and we had to give her gator rad to kep her higerated beacuse they dont eat their food and when they do they thourg it back up and the reson y they are tired is beacause they dont eat and have no energy research parvo on the internet and we feed her cooked chicken breast meat but i dont know it u should and like every 5 or10 minutes flush her out with garter aid to keep her higareted TAKE HER TO THE VET ASAP ITS VERY DEADLY AND KEEP CHILDEREN AND OTHER PETS AWAY FROM HER GATER RAID WASRECAMENED FROM THE VET SO IITS OKAY

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