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How will I know if my t cup chihuahua is really a t cup if it is still a puppy.

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TEAPCUP is not a vaild classification for a toy size dog. The term is often used by unreputible breeders to sell sickly runts, representing thes as RARE AND OF MORE VALUE than a 3 to 6 lb Chihuahua ( which is in the normal range). Often times these breeders will breed sickly runt to sickly runt to attempt to keep the pup size dangerously small.I would avoid anyone selling a Chihuahua they describe as TeaCup. And PLEASE, research and become knowledgable about the breed before adopting any animal.

depending on how old the chihihuahua puppy is, if your puppy is over a pound at 8 weeks it is not going to stay small. breeders will tell you that their puppie is a teacup! just to get more money from you. they will also tell you that the puppie is older than what it is so they can say look how small it is for three months old? when it is really 8 weeks old, and their is no way to tell unless you are experienced with small chihuahuas! i had to learn the hard way! but! now I know how to look and see if the puppie is really a teacup or toysize! at 12 weeks old wigh your puppie! and for example if your puppie weighs 1.5 pds double the number in weight! you will be looking at a 3.5pd chihiuahua give or take a couple of onces! as long has you do not over feed your puppie with human food! keep on a good dry food,

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