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I am thinking of getting a chihuahua puppy. He has been home raised with other dogs.(pug size) I have three adult dogs, two medium (20 lbs) and one big (154 lbs, who thinks he's 20 lbs.) My question is: Will he get along with the other dogs, since he has been exposed to other types of dogs since birth. (he is 10 weeks old)

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Please keep a close eye on the little guy around bigger dogs, for they do not know there own weight and can sit on or run over and hurt a tiny chi accidentally

Big dogs don't know their weight and can hurt your chi accidentally. I do not suggest leaving your chi with them unsupervised. if you're just thinking about it now and have not gotten one, I do not suggest getting one for your household. You should stick with medium sized dog. Also, chihuahuas are often afraid of larger dogs and it will make their little lives miserable.

I have two great danes and a chihuahua that weighs 6lbs. We had the Chihuahua first and got the great danes as puppies. Zoe our chihuahua has always been the boss and has not gotten hurt. She barks when she is in the room so they know exactly where she is. If they are all on the bed together they snuggle and lick each other and it is very cute. I think it all depends on the teperment of the dogs and there sex. Males have alfa problems especially chihuahua. We had a alfa male chihuahua and he did not like other males that did not back down to him other males and ened up getting killed by another male bigger dog.

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