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I can't seem to housebrake my pug for anything! Could someone give me some advice, she will pee & sometimes poo on a wee-wee pad but as soon as I take her out. Its like she dries up completely untill we are back in the house!

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I have 5 pugs and they need a crate. Crate training is the best and only method that works for me and fellow pug owners. The bad side of using a pee pad is that its a square on the floor. So what if you have a rug or clothes on the floor, trust me that they will mistake other items for pee pads. So I would stop using that right away. General rule I use is all people who buy one of my puppies is I give them a nice timer. A digital kitchen timer is best to use or a wind up one. Make a schedule and stick to it. Most times it is the owner who is inconsistent with training and the dog is confused. I recommend that you choose strict feeding times and give them at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes to eat. If they dont eat it all, you take the food away. No if's and's or butt's. I feed mine once in the morning and once at night. THey have a treat at lunch if they are good (which is every day). When you schedule their feedings and time them you are more likely to figure out their elimination habits. With my new puppies I take them out immediately after eating. If they go pee or poo then they can run free in the house. If they DONT GO outside then We come inside and IMMEDIATELY they are placed into the crate/ Set the timer for 10 to 15 mins and try again. Keep doing this until they go. Trust me they will get the drift really quick. So you are taking them out after meals. Now what about the rest of the day you ask... I set the timer for intervals based on age. Little dogs and puppies cannot hold themselves as long as a older dog can. For puppies I take them outside every 2 hours..Yes its alot but trust me it becomes less and less when they learn. For my older dogs who are over 2 yrs old I take out after meals, and once every 4 hours. But they usually go out with the puppies so you can do as you like. Make sure they are exercised at least 30 mins a day. I know that the more exercise they get the less accidents they have indoors. The act of walking as simple as it is makes them naturally want to eliminate. SO this helps to. Now if you work during the day or cannot commit to the timer, try to hire a neighbor or a dog walker to come let them out. Im a dog groomer in my home so its a bit easier now for me to stick to the timer as Im home all day and night. I must say I strugled with the timer during my schooling but it paid off as teh neighbor and my family helped me out/ Try that and give it 1 week guarentee that it works. Also know that the first day or two there will be accidents until they get use to the routine. the timers I get them at walmart and they have a clip on them so you can stick them on your belt loop so you NEVER forget to tkae them outside. The within a month they will be holding it longer and longer.... Also crate them at night and let them out first thing in the morning. IF they are young pups then you will have to wake up and stick to that 2 hour rule for 24 hours a day until they catch on. stock up on somthing I love called Natures Miracle Spot and Stain remover for dogs. You can get it in a gallon size for 22 bucks at petco. Its great and works awesome. That will be your miracle with spots from the doggies. Good luck I promise you it will work as I have helped with alot of bad cases, its just us as the owners we need to get on a schedule and stick to it as far as potty breaks go. Also remember the crate. And never leave free choice feeding when training your dog as this will not allow you to guess when he is going to have to go. I do leave my water out free choice but my dogs are all trained now. Once your dogs get good you can start to associate a bell ringing with them going outside. get a jingle bell and tie it to a ribbon or yarn. Wrap it around your doorknob. When you go outside with the dogs, ring it. When they are trained they will actually go to the door and bump the bell with their noses. Its so cute because sometimes they wiggle their bummies as if they were saying "hurry mommy I really got to pee" I hope this helps

I have two Pugs, Donna who is black and Emma who is beige, you as the owner have to be consequent and take the dog out regularly, if you don't then don't blame the dog for fouling in the house.My dogs go out five times a day and do not use the garden as a toilet place, they are not locked up in a crate ( never have been ) after all what's the point of haveing a dog if you are going to lock it up in a crate all day long? If your dog is fouling inside the house you should take him out every two hours, rain, snow, thunder or sun, take the dog out regularly and praise it when it pees or poos, have a small treat with you when you go out and give to the dog once he's done his job. Good luck and have fun.

Be patient. It took me over a year to fully housebreak our pug. Pugs are smart but not inclined to do what you want them to do. I think it just takes time and lots of loving encouragement. A regular routine is very helpful. We take a walk twice a day at the same time every day. She knows now to use that opportunity. She very seldom will pee or poop if she's just out in our yard. You could try walks instead to be sure your pug does eliminate.

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