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I have 2 chuhuahuas, in her first heat, my male got her. She is minutes past having 3 pups, and one was born with an open spine. I have searched and can't find any information online. What can I do for the lil guy? It's breaking my heart!!!

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where do i find the answers?

What does that mean ? Open spine? If it is what I think you are trying to say and the spine is outside the body I would kill the poor thing and put it out its misery.

I looked it up sounds like spina bifada to me ... they said that they rarely attempt to treat a dog with this . So in other words I guess if it is bad enough ,depending on whether or not they can walk and function , they put them down ... I'm assuming. They said that how bad it is ie. If they are going to be able to walk depends on where the spina bifada I s located on the spine ... the further down the better the bette i took it . I dunno I was reading about it in humans. But I would get on gogle myself if I were you. And more than likely you will have to put it down and if you can't afford to you'll have to figure out a humane way of killing it. I had a friend come over and break my hamsters neck once to out him out of misery . But a dogs neck would be harder to break. You have to know what youre doing too as to not cause more suffering ..I'll try to think of a humane way and get back to you. .. God be with you and take away that puppies pain in Jesus name!

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