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I have 2 questions. I have a 3 year old Shih Tzu mix (he's a rescue) that constantly licks my microfiber couch and leaves huge (dinner plate size) wet marks. Is this a problem?? Sometimes he will lick the carpet but I haven't seen him do that lately. Also, he just went through an absessed anal gland (horrible, I pray no other dog or owner has to go through that), is that common for the breed and if so is it common for the gland to be removed??

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1- Never NEVER witness an obsessive behavior without correction. Those are low energy dogs, not so difficult to control. Be calm and assertive. 2- Manually empty glands annually. Or like I do, pay for it.

I have a 2.5 yr old female who does the same thing ans has done since her arrival, she has many toys, is a very smart dog that trains to a new task in with 2-3 treats. she licks herself,paws,lounge,pillows i think it is comfort. i go ther from breeder when she was 18 wks old, she was scared of men and still does not like people or other dogs, she wet herself in public or when the door bell was pushed at the start. she never barks apart from the door bell. great dog, smart dogs. she is fed eukanuba and a cooked meal each night of fresh meat and veg, health as i am on low salt diet. the most loving animal i have seen, sleep on my pillow head next to when she licks i call her name and she stops, she knows what i saying as i started saying 'shayla, no lickies' over and over. never had anal glad problem.

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